Wednesday 1st August 2018 – Dangerous Goods Advisory Group Meeting – MFB Burnley Complex
5.30pm for 6pm – 8.15pm

The DGAG bimonthly meeting is a general networking / update meeting, open to all, to discuss issues that are going on for Hazardous Chemicals,  Dangerous Goods and Chemical Regulation at the moment.

We will be going on for a meal after Vietnam Town Cafe in Bridge Rd, Richmond.

1/ Please let others interested in Dangerous Goods issues know about DGAG
2/ Please let me know of any key Dangerous Goods issues so I can add them to this website or reminder emails

3/ Please email me you are coming.
We normally have about 20-25 coming to DGAG meetings at the MFB Burnley Complex.

4/  Meeting Costs.

There are NO meeting costs at the MFB Burnley Complex.

5/  Meeting Location

In Richmond at the MFB Burnley Complex, 450 Burnley St, Richmond 3121
Melways Map 44 G12 (or Inner City 2H D12).

The meeting will commence at about 6.00pm (or a little later depending on traffic conditions) and goes to about 8.15pm.

Jeff Simpson (DGAG convenor)
Haztech Environmental

18 Laurel St, Ashburton VIC 3147
Phone: (03) 9885 1269     Mobile: 0403 072 092

Email: Jeff.Simpson ” @ ”

Areas likely to be covered on Wednesday the 1st Aug 2018:
1/ Hazardous Chemicals / Dangerous Goods Incidents
2/ Updating the ADG Transport Code & changes in the IMDG Code & IATA Regs
3/ Dangerous Goods (Storage & Handling) Issues
4/ Update on the GHS Hazardous Chemicals Regs, Codes, Classification and Training
5/ Information sharing
6/ Other Groups / What’s Happening / Events