Monthly RACI Vic HS&E Group info sharing meetings

This monthly RACI group is typically composed of about 10-12 chemists, chemical engineers, OHS&E scientists and others interested in chemicals and their HS&E effects.

You do not have to be a member of the RACI to initially participate in the RACI Vic HS&E Group.

The next meetings in 2017 are on Wed 23rd August 2017 and then on Wed 20th September 2017 at the Hotel Spencer in West Melbourne.


The bimonthly Dangerous Goods Advisory Group meets in Melbourne 6 times a year starting in early February and ending in late November.

The fifth 2017 meeting is on Wed 4th October 2017 at the CFA Headquarters, Burwood East.

It is chaired and convened by Jeff Simpson. For details email Jeff Simpson.


The Chemical Hazard Communication Network meets in Melbourne twice yearly (or as needed).

The second meeting is on Wed 6th September 2017 at a St Kilda Rd, Melbourne location opposite the Shrine (with a backup of the Sandridge Trugo Club in Port Melbourne).

It is chaired and co- convened by Richard Greenwood and and co-convened by Jeff Simpson.

There is also an email list that interested chemical hazard communication workers are welcome to join.


Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

• AIDGC Conference 2017, 8th Sept 2017, Sydney


• CleanUp 2017, 10-14th Sept 2017, Melbourne, including 1st International PFAS Conference