Monthly RACI Vic HS&E Group info sharing meetings

This monthly RACI Group is typically composed of about 10-12 chemists, chemical engineers, OHS&E scientists and others interested in chemicals and their HS&E effects.

You do not have to be a member of the RACI to initially participate in the RACI Vic HS&E Group.

In the longer term, if you find the HS&E Group relevant to you, there are several Membership options that are available. e.g. the starting option is to become an Associate RACI member for $100 per year (from the date you start to same date next year).

We currently meet in West Melbourne at the Hotel Spencer over an initial meal on the 3rd Wed (or occasionally the 2nd or 4th Wed) in the Month, from about 5.30-8.45pm, with the meeting starting by about 6.15pm when most have finished our meals.

The next general meeting in 2017 is on Wed 25th Oct 2017 (last general / AGM meeting for 2017).

The first general RACI Vic HS&E Group meeting in 2018, is on Wed 24th January 2018.

Meeting at Hotel Spencer, Dining Room

475a Spencer St, West Melbourne, Vic 3003, Phone: 03-9329-9116

The HS&E Group also organises a yearly HS&E Group Symposium, which is normally held  in August at the MFB Burnley Complex.

There are usually a couple of Site Visits to chemical facilities each year.

Email me and then come along to discuss, share and learn.