Australian Dangerous Goods Transport by Sea Courses

The listed training courses have been accepted by AMSA as suitable for the training required to be provided to shore based personnel who undertake any of the following functions:

–  Packing of dangerous goods, [including those that supervise the packing of Cargo Transport Units];

–  Marking, labelling or placarding of dangerous goods; and

–  Preparing and signing transport documentation [shipper and container packing declarations].

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Mandatory Training Requirements under Chapter 1.3 of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code (2014 Edition) – Advice for Training Providers (8 page pdf)


Australian Dangerous Goods Transport by Air Courses

Approved Dangerous Goods Courses

Shippers Comprehensive Courses

Shippers Courses for Radioactive Substances

Shippers Courses for Infectious Substances, Diagnostic Specimens and Dry Ice

Shippers Courses for Dry Ice

Shippers Courses for Flammable Goods



Australian Dangerous Goods Transport by Road & Rail Courses?

Editor: There is no equivalent Government website where approved courses for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail are collated. It would be good if these were added to the Federal Dept of Infrastructure & Regional Development, Transport of Dangerous Goods website at:

Currently Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail Courses are approved by each State / Territory and are managed locally, even though the Course can be run in another State / Territory.


The information on this webpage was originally published in Hazmat & Environment Notes – Aug-Oct 2017 newsletter.