Jeff Simpson


Hazardous Chemicals, Regulatory Affairs and
Chemical Hazard Classification / Management Advice Consultant.
Editor & Publisher of “Hazmat & Environment Notes”
Prepare, Maintain and Review SDS, & Labels, and Procedures.
Facilitate AICIS chemical Assessments & Annual Reporting to AICIS


18 Laurel Street Phone : 61-3-9885-1269 / 0403-072-092
Ashburton 3147 Victoria, Australia Email : Jeff.Simpson ” @ ”

Principle Areas of Consultancy

■ Hazardous Chemicals Affairs / News / Advice ■ SDS Preparation & Review ■ Chemical Control Management

Qualifications / Professional / Industry Association Memberships

Diploma Applied Science (Chemistry), SUT, 1973.
Graduate Diploma in Chemical Engineering, (SUT), 1993.
Extra Risk Engineering subjects were completed in excess of the basic requirements.

Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute (including being active on the HS&E Div’n & Vic Group)
Associate Member, Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists.
Associate Member (1992 to June 2017), Fire Protection Association of Australia.
Member, Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants
Convene the Dangerous Goods Advisory Group, Melbourne, and by Webinar worldwide (5 times a year)
Co-convene the Chemical Hazard Communication Network, Melbourne, and by Webinar worldwide (2 times a year)
Member (1984-2017, Aerospace Occupational Health & Safety Association (AEROSHA)
Member (until 2017), UK Chemical Hazard Communication Society

Member, UK Society of Chemical Industry (since 1992)

Consultant Member (until June 2017), Chemistry Australia (formerly Plastics and Chemical Industries Association)

Member, Australian Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council

Industries Consulted to:

Chemical Trading / Importing / Manufacturing (main areas now consulted for).

Previously consulted for: Chemical Storage & Warehousing, Electroplating, Metal Fabrication, Composites Fabrication, Chemical & Process Industries, Painting and Finishing, Aircraft Industry, Laboratories, Transport of Dangerous Goods, Swimming Pool Centre Chemical Handling, University Campus Chemical and Laboratory Safety Management, Regulatory Authorities.

Type of Advice / Information Provided:

Introduction of Chemical Products:
o Obtaining, preparing and reviewing Safety Data Sheets for Australia and New Zealand.
o Meeting Chemical Control Schemes. Evaluation of chemical products. Advice on the facilities required.
o Preparation of chemical safety and management procedures.

Use of Chemical Products:
o Hazardous Chemicals (Code and Regulations).

Classifying Chemicals / Substances, Preparing Registers.
o Implementation of chemical / hazardous chemicals management systems.
o Dangerous Goods (Storage & Handling) Regulations: Manifests, Placarding, Labelling.
o Community issues about the use of chemicals and removal of unacceptable chemicals.

Sustainable Industry, Waste Minimisation & Disposal of Chemical Products:
o What does the community want in place to choose, handle and dispose of chemicals properly?

I have 42 years professional experience. To keep my skills current I have strong networks with chemical management specialists and regularly prepare the “Hazmat & Environment Notes” newsletter to help keep others up to date.

I co-ordinated the industry, professional associations, union and community technical committee to organise the program topics and speakers for the FPAA HazMat Conferences run yearly in Melbourne and Sydney from 2000-2012.
I remained a member of the FPAA HazMat Committee that prepared the Technical Programs for HazMats 2013, 2014 & 2015.

I actively participate in the RACI Victoria Health, Safety and Environment Division & Vic Group monthly meetings, networking and sharing my information.