Please find downloadable a Proforma Letter for a  Contact Manager for Confidential for Listed Introduction Chemicals on the AIIC – Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme

Australian importing Businesses now have further Regulatory Information to request.

As well as the existing CAS-ON-AICS statement for all ingredients in SDSs or separately supplied; under the new AICIS Regulations from July 2020 an importing AU Business requires a Contact Manager at their O’Seas Manufacturer / Supplier. This Contact Manager will need to be able to provide to AICIS information in respect to the Confidential Listed Introduction Chemicals in the product(s) nominated above.

O’Seas Manufacturers / Suppliers are requested to advise the name and contact details of a manager with the authority to provide the AICIS Authority with Confidential Information (if required by AICIS). This information includes:

– Confidential ingredient(s) Chemical Name(s),

– Confidential CAS No.(s) and

– Confidential percentage(s) in your product(s)  [not specified in the Regulations, but likely to be requested]

The above information must be able to be provided to the AICIS Authority within a 20 working day period (normally 4 weeks), should the AICIS Authority require it.

The importing AU Business  will pass this Contact Manager information onto the AICIS Authority only if requested. (Please Note: The importing AU Business  will NOT receive your Confidential Information when you provide it to AICIS).

If your business doesn’t hold the Confidential Chemical Information requested, please forward our request onto your Manufacturer/Supplier, and alert “insert AU Business Name” that this has occurred. Then forward the contact details of the Contact Manager with the Authority, when this is provided to you.

Proforma Letter for a Confidential Listed Introduction Chemicals Contact Manager-19Aug2020 (2 page pdf)

Proforma Letter for a Confidential Listed Introduction Chemicals Contact Manager-19Aug2020 (2 page docx)