What Hazardous Chemicals Management Training Resources are there in Australia & NZ?

As we become aware of general hazardous chemicals management courses and closely related courses, that are run by Authorities, by Universities, by TAFES, by training providers, please alert me by email at Jeff.Simpson@haztech.com.au and I will make a brief Note and weblink on this page.


AITAC: Australian Industrial Trainers, Assessors and Consultants (AITAC) is accredited nationally as a Private Education Provider (No 3591) with recognition across a wide range of activities, including Transport & Distribution, Mining, Aviation and Construction. e.g. Storage & Handling of Dangerous Goods Course; Dangerous Goods – General Awareness Course.


CHEMVIT CONSULTING: Provides Tailored Training Programs on: Dangerous Goods; GHS Classification & Labelling; Understanding workplace chemical hazards; and training is delivered in house.


CS Executive Group Inc. ChemSkill: has been providing Technical Training programs for businesses in the Scientific Industry since 1988, led by our team of qualified professionals. e.g. Regulatory Affairs Training; Basic Laboratory Training; Safety in the Laboratory.


HAZCOM GHS (P-E Handley-Walker & Associates): consult and train in areas related to chemicals safety and compliance. e.g. Safety Data Sheets and Label authoring and training.


HAZCON Health, Safety & Environmental Services Training: Several training courses including: Managing Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals in Workplaces.


RG Chemical Safety: Chemical Hazard Training and Practical Safety Solutions. Experienced, Customised Training and Expert Consultancy in the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Hazardous Chemicals (WHS) and Dangerous Goods Transport & Storage.


Lab Safety Training Courses: 1/ Safety in Labs & Lab Construction & Design Explained (3 Days); 2/ Safety in School Labs – Chemical & Lab Safety (1 Day); 3/ Labratory Safety: Ergonomics & Manual Handling (1/2 D); 4/ Lab Safety: Introduction to Nanomaterials & Work Health & Safety (1 Day); 5/ Ergonomics and Manual Handling (1/2 Day); 6/ Risk Management and Risk Assessment; 7/ Safety Leadership

From: https://www.labsafety.com.au/training-courses