Chemical Hazard Communication Network Webinar Discuss/Chat meeting

Wednesday 8th September 2021, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Chemical Hazard Communication Network Webinar Discuss/Chat meeting, Wed 8th September 2021, 5.30pm – 7.30pm Discuss/Chat Meeting.

You can join before from 5.20pm and stay on after for a bit.

Please email: for the Zoom Webinar the current discussion / chat issues and the Zoom Login Details


1/ Issues we cover:

1. Classification matters.

2. Labelling and SDS issues.

3. Chemical Hazard Communication Regulatory Matters

4. AU & NZ Chemical Regulatory Changes.

4-1. NICNAS to AICIS key issues

5. Australian, NZ, EU, USA, Japan, etc Hazardous Chemical Classifications & Management Issues

5-1. Problematic Differences between the Regulators Classification lists

2/ Please Email us that you are coming.
We normally have about 15-20 participating in CHCN meetings. Please RSVP by Monday 1st March 2021, if you plan to participate, so we can ensure you can join the meeting.

3/ No Meeting Costs for the Webinar Discuss / Chat Meeting

4/ This Meeting may be able to be held at a Physical Location with good internet for a Zoom Webinar.

When we meet again in a Community Meeting Room, the typical cost is around $4 each: for hire, insurance, nibbles.


Richard Greenwood

Senior Consultant – Hazardous Chemicals, Rg Chemical Safety

Chairperson CHCN Meeting
Co-convenor of CHCN

Hazardous Chemicals Consultant and Trainer
Malvern East VIC 3147
Mobile: 0401-321-962




Jeff Simpson
Hazardous Chemicals & Regulatory Affairs Consultant
Co-convenor of CHCN

Haztech Environmental
18 Laurel St, Ashburton VIC 3147
Phone: (03) 9885 1269     Mobile: 0403 072 092