Chemical Hazard Communication Network Zoom Webinar Discuss/Chat Meeting

Zoom Meeting ONLY, Wed 18th or Thurs 19th September 2024, 5.50pm to 8.20pm

The dates have been adjusted to the 3rd Wed (or Thurs) in March and September so there is about a month separation to the DGAG meetings.

You can join before from 5.50pm and stay on until 8.20pm for a further chat with colleagues.

Please email: for the Zoom (& Physical) Webinar current discussion / chat issues and the Zoom Login Details


1/ Issues we cover:

1. Classification matters.

2. Labelling and SDS issues.

3. Chemical Hazard Communication Regulatory Matters.

4. AU & NZ Chemical Regulatory Changes.

4-1. AICIS key issues: e.g. Assessed Introductions (IUCLID6), Reported (or Exempted) Introductions. Confidential Contact Persons for all Introductions. Written Undertakings for Listed Introductions, changes and additions such as Importers to know confidential maximum concentrations.

5. Australian, NZ, EU, USA, Japan, etc Hazardous Chemical Classifications & Management Issues

5-1. Problematic Differences between the Regulators Classification lists: e.g. ECHA RSD; ECHA CLP; NZ CCID; AU HCIS (& referenced IMAP info that is not specific to each chemical informed to be included in HCIS).

2/ Please Email us that you are participating.
We normally have about 15-25 participating in CHCN meetings. Please reply at latest by Monday morning 16th Sept 2024, so we can have a good understanding of the interest to have the CHCN meeting. The key requirement is to be seen on video on your Zoom connection (like a physical meeting).

3/ Meeting Costs for the Physical Discuss / Chat Meetings (IF they again occur)

For Public Liability Insurance costs, the cost to Hire the Venue,  & nibbles/beverages costs, please make a donation of $5-$10 (depending on numbers 20 vs 10) towards these costs.

4/ No Direct Meeting Costs for participants in the Zoom Webinar Discuss / Chat Meetings 

HOWEVER it would be appreciated if everyone considers subscribing to Jeff Simpson’s Hazmat & Environment Notes (which is $120 / five issues a year). 



Richard Greenwood

Senior Consultant – Hazardous Chemicals, Rg Chemical Safety

Chairperson CHCN Meeting
Co-convenor of CHCN

Hazardous Chemicals Consultant and Trainer
Malvern East VIC 3147
Mobile: 0401 321 962




Jeff Simpson
Hazardous Chemicals & Regulatory Affairs Consultant
Co-convenor of CHCN

Haztech Environmental
18 Laurel St, Ashburton VIC 3147
Phone: (03) 9885 1269     Mobile: 0403 072 092